The Best Teaching Methods And Strategies
Best Teaching Methods

We all know that education has changed phenomenally over the years worldwide. With the advent of technology and the introduction of new tools, the way education is imparted has changed drastically from many years ago. Many new teaching strategies and methods have evolved in the recent past to make learning fun.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most popular teaching methods strategies that are in vogue right now:

Student-focused learning

Gone are the days when teachers used to lecture on a particular subject and stop when the bell rang. Today, thanks to technology, teachers have many ways to teach various concepts to their students. Discussions, especially, are quite popular among the teaching strategies followed today.

In new-age classrooms, the students are divided into small groups of 3 or 4, and each group is encouraged to discuss the topic that the teacher taught. This way, the teacher can easily judge if the students understood a particular concept or not. The teacher encourages each group to come forward and present their points of view on a topic. This not only helps students to understand concepts better, but it improves their self-confidence and public speaking skills as well.

Customized learning

One of the best and most effective teaching strategies is customized learning. This strategy helps students learn their courses at their own pace without experiencing peer pressure. Many colleges and universities have started following this strategy for the benefit of their students.

As the name suggests, customized learning helps you to customize the courses and complexities based on your potential. This way, you can study the courses that you are most passionate about. In some countries, this strategy is also known as differentiated instruction or individualized education programs.

Using real-world scenarios

Nothing helps a student understand a concept better than real-life simulations. That’s exactly what most of the teachers are following today. Regardless of the complexity of the concepts, teachers use real-life examples and incidents to explain them to the students.

These examples help in the increased retention power of the students. Also, teachers help students connect with the concepts at a personal level to appreciate what is being taught in the class. They give students multiple chances to voice their opinions and doubts, by giving them hypothetical situations, and asking them for solutions. When they relate well to the concepts, students tend to feel that education is fun and entertaining.

Learning through projects

Best Teaching Methods

Here is an effective tip you can try to make your otherwise boring classes interesting – use project-based learning strategies. This is one of the most successful, tried & tested teaching strategies followed today. The role of the teacher is just a guide or a collaborator.

He provides exciting projects to the students and encourages them to make them creatively. Students are divided into small groups of 3 or 4. Each group does the projects within the deadlines. Then each member of the group takes turns to make a presentation to the class about the project. In the process of doing the project and presenting about the same, students get to learn even those concepts that are not in their textbooks.

Flipped classrooms

This is one of the most loved teaching strategies across the globe. Here is the explanation of this strategy in very simple terms – in a flipped classroom, students read their lessons at home and do their assignments during the class, unlike the traditional classroom, where it is vice versa.

How does this flipped strategy help students? When they solve problems and assignments in the class, they get to interact with their peers. They have the freedom to brainstorm ideas with other friends and come up with analytical solutions for the problems.

Teachers can guide them to come up with innovative solutions for the assignments provided. In a flipped classroom, the class hours can be used for fruitful discussions and brainstorming of ideas to strengthen the understanding of the students’ concepts.

Game-based education

Needless to say, this is definitely the most popular teaching strategy followed today. Students of all ages love this strategy as it involves playing their video games. Lessons are converted into video games, and teachers test the students’ understanding by using interactive techniques.

These include live quizzes and polls. The games also come with their own challenges, which encourage them to finish their course on time and get rewarded for the same.

Blended Learning

While technology has indeed taken the education industry by storm, it hasn’t replaced the traditional learning system completely. That’s why the concept of blended learning is considered one of the best teaching methods today. In this strategy, teachers divide their lectures into 2 parts.

The first part is similar to a traditional classroom, where the teacher makes presentations or lectures about a given topic. However, in the second part, the teacher ensures that she adopts new methods to explain these concepts creatively. She uses strategies like flipped learning, projects, hands-on activities, game-based learning, virtual reality-based learning, and more.

Trip-based learning

Best Teaching Methods

At the school education level, one of the most popular teaching strategies is trip-based learning. Students may find it a little complex when they read about how big machines work in factories. To make things easy for them, schools arrange for trips to nearby factories. Students go around the factories to get a first-hand experience of how the machines work in reality.

This makes things easy for them to understand when they read from their textbooks. These trips give them real-world experience and help in practical education. A one-hour trip to the factory will give them a better understanding of the machines’ working than hours of listening to lectures or reading a book about the same.

Though many new and upcoming teaching strategies have caught our fancy, the ones discussed above are quite popular and are being followed by educational institutions across the globe. If you haven’t started following them still, now is the right time to introduce these strategies in your classroom.

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