How To Fulfill Your Life Purpose

by | Nov 14, 2021

Fulfill Your Life Purpose

Do you know what your life purpose is? If not, don’t worry; there are many ways to find it. Not knowing your life purpose can lead to feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with work and relationships. This post will give some ideas on how to figure out what that might be.

If you have a strong sense of self-awareness, then the process of finding your life’s purpose may already be underway for you! But if you’re still in search of a way to answer this question for yourself, read on—this article has some great advice for getting started in the right direction.

1. Define your priorities

Fulfill Your Life Purpose

We frequently live our lives the way others want us to. We create our daily routines and appointments around what our families, friends, and society want for us. We are a consequence of our environment.

Living your life in accordance with your authentic priorities, especially when those priorities differ from those of others around you, takes courage. When you have the confidence to live an authentically satisfying existence, your days are infused with more purpose and fulfillment.

It’s all too easy to lose sight of your real objectives and develop a life around phony objectives in today’s high-stress, busy world. False goals are the objectives you pursue that don’t correspond to what is most important to you and the person you want to be.

For others, climbing the corporate ladder is a false goal since they desire more than anything to spend some time away from their job to be at home with their tiny kids. For other people, having a large mortgage is an illusory aim since they want the freedom to go around the world.

It’s critical to carefully examine your life and be completely honest with yourself on the following questions: What matters most to you? What are you pursuing that isn’t true?

It’s critical to discover and remove phony objectives from your life. When you get rid of the bogus objectives, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most to you, allowing you to create your own extraordinary life.

2. Look at the big picture, then fill in the details

Fulfill Your Life Purpose

Make a list of everything you wish to accomplish in your future life. Then concentrate on believing it’s possible to reach it. This might be difficult, but it’s important.

If you truly want to work from anywhere in the world and have a passion for traveling, you’ll need to believe it’s feasible. If you truly believe that breaking away from the 9-5 cubicle is beyond your means, you will not take the action required to do so.

If you tell people that writing is very important to you and your greatest ambition is to be a New York Times bestselling author, but deep down you believe you’ll never finish writing your book, the behaviors you take every day will reflect this doubt. You won’t write if you’re not inspired. If you’re weary, you’ll give up.

What you think about yourself–and what you think is possible for you–affect how you show up every day to achieve your greatest objective.

3. Make a plan.

Fulfill Your Life Purpose

If your main goal is to become a New York Times best-selling author so you can write about something that matters to you and make an impact on many people’s lives with your words, you’ll need a strategy for doing so.

Hope is not a strategy. You’ll need a plan.

You’ll need to form a writing habit. You’ll need to learn how to get your work published. You’ll also need to figure out how to sell your book effectively or hire someone to do it for you.

4. Focus on what you can control.

Fulfill Your Life Purpose

There is only one thing you can do: control yourself. You can’t control the outcomes of your actions, no matter how hard you try or how much your behaviors are based on intended or anticipated results. Whatever we can accomplish in life, we must put forth our full efforts. That implies developing your mind, body, and soul to their utmost potential while always acting with the greatest of intentions. The road to realizing your purpose is paved with good intentions and continuous self-improvement.

5. Legacy.

Fulfill Your Life Purpose

Consider what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. Erikson, a specialist in psychological development, paid close attention to the phases of change throughout the life span. He referred to the final phase of life as “Ego Integrity vs. Despair.”

When we examine our lives and decide what we are satisfied with and what we regret, it’s at the end of life that we realize how much time has passed us by. Consider what sorts of messages you want to leave behind about yourself and what is important to you before getting to that stage. This will assist in determining your objective and goals.

We all desire to lead a meaningful existence. The trick is to figure out what makes your life worthwhile and then build objectives and behaviors around those values.


There are many people today who feel lost and without a sense of purpose. But it’s not too late to find your calling, because there is no one universal path that everyone must follow in order to live a life with meaning.

You can figure out what matters most by asking yourself questions like “What makes me happy?” or “What do I want my legacy to be?” Once you know the answers for yourself, all that remains is deciding how best to support those intentions through goals and behaviors that align with them.


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