Why Life Is Complicated

by | Nov 13, 2021

Life Is Complicated

Life is complicated. It has been that way for centuries and it will be that way for many more to come. While some people are content with their life, others find themselves struggling with different problems on a daily basis.

There are a lot of things that complicate life. One aspect is the number of rules and regulations that exist in society today. In order to have a better understanding, there are two types of rules: formal and informal. Formal rules can be defined as those which have been written down or otherwise stated by an authority figure, such as a parent or teacher. Informal rules are those which you learn through experience about how to behave properly with others, for example, what time it is appropriate to call someone on the phone after they’ve had surgery.

The struggles one faces in life can vary from person to person but the universal truth remains the same: everyone faces challenges at some point or another. There are countless reasons why life is so complicated, even when you try your best to make things easier on yourself through various means of coping mechanisms. Fortunately, there are ways in which one can overcome these struggles and live a happier life while doing so.

Focus on complexity more than simplicity.

Life Is Complicated

When things change drastically in our life, we tend to become anxious and focus on the changes rather than how they may be smoothly incorporated into the routine.

A worldwide pandemic, for example, made our daily activities outside the house impossible, but instead of dwelling on how to make it simpler, most of us were swearing about the problem and searching for answers carefully.

The complexity bias is one of our proclivities as a species to complicate our lives rather than simplify them. If we are confronted with too much information or are in a state of perplexity about anything, we will naturally concentrate on the issue’s complexity rather than seek a basic solution. When “we succumb to complexity bias, we are focusing too much on the difficult 10% and ignoring the simple 90%,” according to a recent article.

When it comes to a problem that you believe is complicated and overwhelming, concentrate on coming up with solutions or tactics that are easy. Consider this question: What will happen if I apply a simple, straightforward technique? Is there any additional confusion or perhaps a solution? I’m sure you can guess what the reply would be!

Worrying constantly.

Life Is Complicated

Do you know that when we worry about something or are stressed, we waste away our precious energy? If you worry more and overthink various elements of a situation, your life becomes more complicated.

In such circumstances, you can attempt to relax with breathing exercises, journaling, listening to music, meditation, and so on rather than thinking that life is difficult.

We are emotional beings as humans. When we’re stressed, furious, irritated, or unhappy, our thoughts and emotions have a huge impact on how we react and behave.

Worrying about your difficulties and what may happen in the future might deplete your energy and create physical and emotional discomfort in your life. The more you worry, the busier your life becomes.

We don’t naturally look for a silver lining or the finest option in a bad scenario. Navigating our way around life’s challenges and curveballs is tiring work, and it necessitates continuous hard effort.

Trying to control everything.

Life Is Complicated

Another approach to make life more difficult is to try to control everything around us. Whether we’re afraid of not being able to prevent something bad from happening or losing someone precious, the fact is that we don’t have complete control over the world’s complexity. It’s time to get out of the fear loop and embrace a more optimistic attitude with strong acceptance abilities.

We live in a complicated world, and finding answers to the problems we face can be difficult. Whether it’s fear of failure, death, or separation from a loved one, we all have something to be afraid of. It is an attempt to bury your fears so that you don’t have to face them by striving for control over your life.

If you’re making life choices based on a belief in control, then you’ve got to stop. The desire to exercise control over your life is an indication that you are terrified of living it. You must overcome your worries and learn to accept that there are things in life that you have no control over.

When you realize that life is all about navigating your way through it rather than controlling it, you will discover that your attitude toward life will be more optimistic and simple.

Depending on others for our happiness.

Life Is Complicated

It’s true that if we hold our happiness or unhappiness based on others’ behaviors, it will only be bad for us in the present. Recognize that happiness comes from within and getting lost in this competition might just have a detrimental impact on your health. If you’re dissatisfied with your spouse/partner or family, it’s time to examine yourself.

If you try to make your life easier by depending on others, you will always have a difficult and complicated existence. Your happiness does not derive from other people; it stems from within you.

If you live a life based on another person’s happiness, the difficulties of life will ultimately overwhelm you and your sense of self will be lost. You’ll find that you’re constantly trying to meet people’s expectations and make them happy, which is both time-consuming and harmful to your health.

Drama of life.

Life Is Complicated

We believe that if you have dramatic or poisonous individuals in your life who just like to create drama, your life is presently going through an emotionally draining phase. Avoid toxic connections or simply stop reacting to such individuals in order to get free of the negativity trap. Life will be less difficult for you after you’ve done so.

You are making your life more difficult than it needs to be by feeding into other people’s issues. Having toxic individuals in your life is a recipe for an emotionally draining and complicated existence.

There are certain individuals who choose to live their lives in dramatic and terrible ways. They opt to react to life’s challenges in a non-productive manner. Keep them at bay. If they arrive with their problems, take a moment to collect your thoughts before deciding how to handle the problem in the most effective way possible without absorbing their negative energy.

It won’t happen in a day, but the more you practice self-acceptance and confidence, the braver and bolder you will get. You will be able to take action and eliminate negative drama from your life if you have the confidence to do so. When you’ve completed this, your life will be a lot easier to manage.


We hope this blog post has helped you understand how to live a fulfilling life. Remember, there will always be difficult times in your life, and the more complicated you make it for yourself, the harder your life will be. The less complicated your thoughts are and the more time you spend on quieting those voices inside of your head that seems to only want chaos, the easier it is going to be for you to focus on what’s really important in front of you.


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