This is My Story. . .

I’m Imanuel.  Being born and grow up in a small rural area in Maluku Islands, Indonesia doesn’t make me become an introvert, shy and inferior person.  After finishing my high school in Ambon, I pursued my bachelor degree in the 2nd largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya in one of the best private university.  I took Informatics Engineering as my focus at that time. During my college years, I joined many students organizations that will able me to interact, collaborate with many people from different backgrounds.

Being able to finishing my study and getting the degree in computer science is one of the biggest achievement in my life, considering my background knowledge is absolutely not related with computer.  In talking about passion, I have a big interest in community development.  Helping people, empower them, sharing my knowledge with other are the things that excited me more rather than learning about computer and coding.  This experience I got during my college years when I have been involved with many students programs has developed my interest and passion in community development and engagement.

This is also the reason why after graduation, I directly joined a short course community service program in an international organization.  At that time, we spent some months to live in a small village and helped teaching kids and youth starting from kindergarten to middle school.  This is one of the memorable experience for me.

Not only that, After graduation,  I also worked in a non-government organization in Maluku that focused on developing education quality in my hometown Maluku.   With this organization, I went to many isolated area in Maluku where there was not any internet connection even a transportation.  At that time, I shared my knowledge and skills with the teachers and youth.  Although I didn’t join this organization anymore, I use all the  experience I get to share with community through my competence.

This blog is a media to share my experience, knowledge and skills along with all the tips related with education and community development.  Hopefully, this blog will be a place to collaborate dan building networks.

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