12 Qualities Of A Good Teacher

The role of a teacher is considered to be one of the noblest professions in the world. A teacher imparts bookish knowledge to the students, but he also teaches the students all values required to make them better individuals than before. A teacher is a role model and guide to youngsters. If you want to become a teacher, here are 12 qualities that you must try to imbibe right now:

Good Teacher
Teacher teaching

1. Great communication

The first quality that a teacher has to possess is excellent communication. This will help the kids to feel less intimidated in the classes. Students can get bored if the teacher has a monotonous style of teaching. If you want to become a good and respected teacher, you need to work on your communication to explain even the most difficult concepts in a clear & practical way. When students learn that they can apply their learning in practical life, they start loving what they learn.

2. Encourage the kids to think on their own

A good teacher teaches the concepts well. He has to make sure that the kids are strong in their conceptual understanding. With this in mind, he should encourage the students to write the answers on their own. He should give the kids enough opportunities to express themselves creatively, and he should be patient to listen to all their answers, regardless of the accuracy of the answers. Students learn to think creatively and become independent when a teacher encourages him to write his own answers at a young age.

Happy schoolboy
Happy schoolboy

3. Fair treatment to all students

A good teacher is one who doesn’t show any favoritism in the class. He treats all students equally. He should have excellent listening skills. If you want to be a good teacher, you should spend enough time understanding the students’ psychology. Their doubts or questions may interrupt your teaching flow, but you should be considerate enough to listen & answer all their queries; however silly they are. It would be best if you displayed the same attitude to all the students in your class, so that none of them feels left out.

4. Preparation should be top-notch

One of the best qualities of a teacher is that he should have complete knowledge of the lessons he plans to teach. Even a boring lesson can be made interesting for the students, if he is fully prepared. The best teacher doesn’t rely on textbooks and blackboards, but other tools such as slides, practical experiments, video tutorials and more. If you want to be a good teacher, you should first master the art of learning. Only a good learner can go on to become a good teacher.

Teacher teaching
Teacher teaching

5. Being approachable

More often than not, students don’t open up in the class because of the internal fear or inhibition they have towards their teacher. As a good teacher, your first job would be to remove this internal apprehension from their hearts. Explaining the concepts can come later. When you develop an approachable and friendly attitude, your students will feel encouraged to communicate with you in the class. This will improve the teacher-student relationship to a great extent. It would be best if you sported a smile always while teaching, so that you don’t scare your students.

6. Patience is key

Patience is one of the most important qualities you need to have, if you want to become a good teacher and a role model for your students. Remember, every student learns at his or her own pace. So, you need to be patient with each one of them. Give them enough time to absorb the concepts. Assure them that they can approach you anytime they have issues with their learning.  When you deal with the kids patiently without losing your cool, you are setting a great example for them to follow, when they grow up.

Teacher mixing red and blue liquids
Teacher mixing red and blue liquids

7. Good organizational skills

Yes, a good teacher needs to be friendly and approachable, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t set rules or deadlines for the students to follow. Before and after every class, you must make notes to keep a strict structure of the lessons you will teach for that day, assignment to be given to students, homework, and other deadlines. At the beginning of each class, you can quickly recap the lessons taught the previous day and check for all pending tasks before starting new lessons. This will help to get a structure into your teaching process.

8. Transparency in grading and feedback

If you want to become a great teacher, you should follow transparency in your approach. While discussing your students’ grades, you must conduct personal one-one sessions with them with their parents to tell them how you have graded that particular child. In these sessions, you should also share your honest feedback on the student. These feedback sessions help the students to become better personalities. Not all kids can learn everything quickly. If you think any child needs personal attention, you can volunteer to counsel him/her, in your free time.

Kids giving high five
Kids giving high five

9. Comparing is a strict no-no

A good teacher never makes the mistake of comparing one student with another. When you compare students, it will demotivate them, and they may even feel depressed after some time, because of the pressure to match up with someone always. Respect the individuality of your students and encourage them as much as you can.

10. Learn to appreciate

If any student deserves appreciation or applause, make sure that you do that in public. Appreciating students in front of their peers or other teachers is a good gesture to improve students’ self-confidence. However, while giving them feedback about areas of improvement, always do it in private.

11. Practice what you preach

Do you aspire to become a great and well-respected teacher? You need to practice what you preach, in that case. If you want your students to be disciplined in the class, you need to develop self- discipline first. Never arrive late for the class. Be prepared for every single lecture, so that you can set the right example at all times.

12. Humor is a great virtue

If you are blessed with a natural sense of humor, that’s great! If you don’t have, you can always work on it, for being humorous is a great quality to become a good teacher. When you crack jokes and make the situation light in the class, you can capture your students’ attention quicker than you imagined.

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