The Roots Of Education Are Bitter But The Fruit Is Sweet.


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Online school lesson.

by imanuel lawalataDecember 16, 2020

Technology is a very useful tool in enhancing the quality of education for students worldwide as it helps make the student understand concepts

by imanuel lawalataDecember 9, 2020

Educational technology tools have an important place in today’s world. They can sometimes energize you to try a new approach.

by imanuel lawalataNovember 27, 2020

So everyone needs a powerful SaaS tool, and that’s exactly what’s provided by Saastronautics.


Kids using technology

by imanuel lawalataNovember 18, 2020

In this article, let us see the importance of technology in education in the current scenario, and how it has changed the way education happens today.
Online school lesson.

by imanuel lawalataNovember 18, 2020

Life was going on normal with children going to schools and people going to work, until the COVID 19 pandemic brought everything to a standstill


Work from home

by imanuel lawalataNovember 18, 2020

Education nowadays faces more challenging issues with uncertainty. Learning that should be happening at school with teachers is forced to hold at home through online learning.
Kid girl low her head

by imanuel lawalataNovember 18, 2020

There are many physical and verbal punishments that we have experienced and we thought it can be good to shape us to be good children.
Father scolds the child

by imanuel lawalataNovember 18, 2020

The culture of giving physical punishment to children as a form of parenting is common not just in eastern culture but also in western culture.

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